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Notable electroacoustic music group NIYAZ in collaboration with interactive designer/visual artist Jerome Delapierre present “The Fourth Light Project,” a cutting-edge immersive, multisensory show unlike any other. This groundbreaking multi-media experience, combines live musical and dance performance with interactive technologies and advanced projection/body-mapping techniques that respond to sound and movement in real time. The end result creates a new kind of Digital Scenography and live musical experience, one in which virtual and real space merge to create an illusionistic three-dimensional environment that eliminates the distance between the audience and performers. This seamless synthesis of sound, space, image and light, actually invites the audience inside the art to share in a unique narrative and multi-sensory experience.

The Fourth Light immersive multi-media project is the newest program of this Persian/Turkish/Indian electroacoustic musical tour de force NIYAZ. The show is based on Niyaz’ latest album “The Fourth Light,” which was inspired by the first female Sufi mystic and poet Rabia Al Basri, born in the 8th century in Iraq. She is recognized as a saint as she was the one who set forth the doctrine of Divine Love and non-duality, which today lie at the heart of Sufi mysticism. From its inception, Niyaz has been committed to creating music with a deep social message. Through their work Niyaz aims to offer listeners a bridge between the East and the West – a sanctuary in the modern world of polarized ideologies. This groundbreaking immersive multi-media experience is a natural evolution for a group who is always aiming to redefine the boundaries of tradition in order to unite people from different cultural and spiritual backgrounds through our shared humanity.

Since its debut at Cinars in Montreal, Canada in the fall of 2016, “The Fourth Light Project” has been presented in some of the most prestigious Performing Arts Centers throughout America such as, the legendary Strathmore in Washington, Michael Schimmel Center for the Arts in New York City, Hancher Center for the Arts in Iowa, and Walton Arts Center in Arkansas. The show was also a featured event at the Asia Expo in Astana, Kazakhstan in 2017 as well as the stunning cathedral Les Dominicains de Haute-Alsace, in Guebwiller, France in Jan, 2018.


Scott Stoner, Vice President of Programs and Resources at APAP

Niyaz – and especially their Fourth Light Project – offers the prime example of what those of us in the performing arts field aspire to bring to every audience – transformative experience. It is a visually and aurally stunning evening that fuses artistry and technology.

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