May 15, 2012

Niyaz …a world without borders

Niyaz ...a world without borders

The title of Sumud, available next week, refers to a Palestinian ideology and translates as steadfastness. Although sumud’s philosophy of non-violent resistance originated in the wake of the 1967 Arab-Israeli War, the theme of Niyaz’s disc is the application of sumud to any part of the world where there are ethnic or religious minorities trying to live freely in the land of their birth and maintain their identity.

May 5, 2012


Videos from Niyaz.

May 5, 2012


MP3 Downloads of Niyaz Music.

May 5, 2012


Listen to music from Niyaz.

May 5, 2012

Artist Photos

Latest photos of Niyaz.

May 5, 2012

Sumud pre-order Special Offers

Pre-order Sumud and get free 10×10 print of original art from Azam Ali. Get your copy now. Pre-order special offer ends May 22nd, 2012.

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