“Linking age-old wisdom to modern struggles through music that is both ancient and modern is central to Niyaz’s DNA. Since their debut ten years ago, this gift for finding beautiful continuities has made them international favorites and taken their previous albums to the top of the world music charts. With the release of The Fourth Light, success promises to be another unbroken line running through their work.” MTV Iggy

“Their journey across oceans can be heard in their music…this is an interesting blend of modern electronica with traditional folk songs and Sufi mysticism…Los Angeles meets New Delhi meets Tehran.” – National Public Radio (NPR), Weekend Edition

“At the time of writing, this album is top-permost of the pop-permost in the World Music Charts Europe and it’s not difficult to see why. With their striking lead singer and musical mix of ancient and monder, Niyaz ticks all the right boxes for a 21st century world music sensation.” – fRoots

“Niyaz poursuit son odyssée intemporelle en provoquant des rencontres entre l’Est et l’Ouest. C’est à la fois la terre et l’air, le pouls de la cité et le legs des âges, la pulsion électro et l’âme planante, les traditions persanes et celles d’autres peuples minoritaires, le soufisme et le parti pris pour l’égalité des sexes.” Le Devoir

“On their newest album, The Fourth Light, they continue to mine medieval Sufi Muslim poetry as well as instruments and songs from across the Middle East. With electronic beats, they create a swirling, whirling palette of colors fronted by Ali’s rich and precise voice.” NPR