Hello everyone

We are very excited to finally share with you news about our upcoming album and plans for 2015. After three wonderful albums and tours which have taken us around the world, we really wanted to take our time to create something unique for our fourth release which will feature the brand new cast of wonderful musicians whom we have been touring with for the past year.

The title for our new album is “The Fourth Light,” which will be released worldwide in late March 2015. This will be followed by concerts in the US, Europe, Canada, the Middle East and hopefully South America.

For each release we have focused on two elements- composing original songs based on the mystical poetry of a legendary Sufi poet, as well as folk songs that impart the beauty of ethnic/ religious minority groups in Iran and its surrounding regions in Middle East. “The Fourth Light” is a tribute to the first female Sufi mystic and poet Rabia Al Basri (Rabia Al Adawiyya) who was born in the 8th century in Iraq. She is recognized as a saint and the very first Sufi as she was the one who set forth the doctrine of Divine Love and non-duality, which today lie at the heart of Sufi mysticism. Though her role continues to be diminished in value because she was a woman, it bears great significance in today’s modern world where women are relentlessly striving in every aspect of life, to rise above the status of inferiority placed on them by patriarchal societies and laws. Very few of Rabia’s poems have survived, but we have taken what we have unearthed and woven them into our own modern expressions of ancient wisdom and beauty.

We will be launching a crowd sourcing campaign through Pledge Music in late January, inviting all of you to join us in the final production phase of the album by becoming part of the experience of the making of this album. There is no small role that can be played in this campaign because it will help us raise the funds we need to bring the project into its final phase. Your role in can be as simple as just pre-ordering the album or can expand to having access to exclusives that will accommodate every budget range. Those who join our campaign will enjoy access to some great content and you will also receive the album at least two weeks prior to the official release. We cannot emphasize how important your support will be in this process and we sincerely hope we can count on you.

On that note, we wish you all a wonderful fall and winter ahead. We will keep you posted as we move forward.

With love
Niyaz and Azam Ali