It has truly been an amazing year for us. We could not be more grateful for the rare opportunity we had to visit so many beautiful countries in the world and to share the music we have created with many of you. To have also been able to meet many of you after our shows and to hear about the ways in which our work has inspired and uplifted you, has left us all with a feeling of great personal fulfillment. We hope to be able to continue doing this in the coming years.

The three of us are together now in Montreal working on our new album which we are calling “Sumud”. Niyaz SumudOur aim is to be finished by the end of February, which means the album will be released sometime in April or May of 2012 on Six Degrees Records. We will be releasing two versions of the album again- the electronic/acoustic hybrid, as well as a solely acoustic version. Although a lot of the material will appear on both versions, there will be several songs that will be unique to each version. We have a very special surprise planned for the release of the acoustic version which we will reveal as we approach the release date.

In terms of concerts, we are putting together another major international tour for 2012. The dates will be posted by the end of December at the latest. Hundreds of you write to us asking for us to come to your part of the world. Please know that we are making every effort on our part to cover as many territories as we can. However, many times due to logistical or financial impediments, we are unable to make them work.

We wish all of you the best for the remainder of the year and we hope to see you in 2012.