We are very happy to announce the soon to be released six song acoustic EP of our latest album SUMUD. It features three songs from the electronic album, as well as three brand new songs. The official release date is March 19, 2013. The EP will be available through all major music outlets digitally, and the physical copies of the EP will be available ONLY through our website directly from us to you. If you are interested in purchasing the physical copy, please visit the shop through our website.

We greatly appreciate the support of you, our fans worldwide who for enabling us to share our passion with you and to continue to produce the highest quality recordings. As a gesture of our appreciation we are offering everyone a FREE download of one of the songs from the EP. We hope you enjoy it- NIYAZ

To receive the free download, please follow this link and enter your e-mail address, and a link to the download will be sent immediately to you.