The best of (2017)

  Niyaz The best of Released: 2017

The fourth light (2015)

Electro-acoustic outfit Niyaz breaks new ground with “The Fourth Light,” a far-reaching album that defies most standards of “world music” and makes a bold statement to a global audience. On the heels of three successful albums which have topped the world music and radio charts and placed them in front of international audiences around the world for the past decade, Niyaz has created what is arguably their most mature work yet.

Sumud acoustic EP (2013)

The Acoustic EP featuring six songs, three from the electronic album and three brand new songs, will be released worldwide on March 19, 2013.

Sumud (2012)

Struggle as a metaphor is something every human can relate to. One of the most prolific and challenging forms of struggle in the world today is the plight of ethnic and religious minorities, which is the topic of Niyaz’s third album, Sumud (pronounced soomood) forthcoming on Six Degrees Records. Translating from Arabic as ‘steadfastness,’ lead singer Azam Ali chose this philosophical term as a symbolic reminder that, as she explains, ‘every human being should inherit the right to live with dignity and freedom upon the land on which they are born.’

Nine Heavens (2008)

Niyaz purports to break new ground with Nine Heavens, which will be released in two versions. One will be the acoustic/electronic version embodying the original concept of the band, which is to bridge the gap between the traditional and modern by creating a finely-tuned balance of acoustic and electronic music. The second will be a solely acoustic version of the album, which will feature a more organic approach with a stronger emphasis on traditional acoustic instrumentation with added percussion.

Remixed EP (2007)

Niyaz Remixed EP Released: 2005 The beautiful sound of Niyaz’s Persian/Electronica has been taken to new dance-floor heights with these new remixes. Tracks from the group’s debut CD have been re-worked by the Netherlands’ superstar producer/DJ Junkie XL, UK based Paul Oakenfold collaborator, Andy Gray, New Delhi label-mates Midival Punditz and Niyaz electronics whiz Carmen […]

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