Dear friends/fans

Fifteen years ago I began my career as a professional singer and composer. This summer I will be releasing my twelfth full-length studio album called “Lamentation of Swans- A journey towards silence”. This huge milestone in my life as an artist has made me reflect deeply on the path I have left behind and the unknown path where I would like my journey to take me from here. I am among the fortunate in that I have always had the backing and financial support of a record company to help me manifest my work. And I have proudly worked with two of the best records companies in the world, Narada and Six Degrees Records both run by some of the most conscientious and passionate people you can find in this harsh business, people who I can call friends.

But our world is rapidly changing. The advent of technology and social media has and is continuing to redefine every aspect of our lives. No aspect of life is immune to this change and influence any longer whether we like to admit it or not. In recent years we have seen a complete transformation of the music industry, which today is still be redefined. Most artists like myself welcome a lot of these changes, as uncertain as they may be, because for a very long time musicians functioned within a business model that left us at a complete financial disadvantage.

In the past months I have spend most of my time creating some of my best work and all the while navigating the waters of uncertainty as to how I should put this out into the world. Today I am a mother and facing the reality of providing for someone who is completely dependant on me, therefore I can no longer take the risks that I once gladly took. After much reflection and debate I have made profound realizations and decided that it is time for me to take a huge leap of faith as an artist and become completely independent. The truth is that to be signed to a recording deal was once a stamp of legitimacy for an artist. Today that stamp is awarded to an artist only by the fans who are willing to show their support. YOU as a collective are the modern “Patrons of the Arts”. YOU as a collective have the power to enable us artists to create and distribute our work. And in the end it is YOU we create our music for- to share in our vision, our dreams, our pain, our joy….

In the next couple of weeks, I will be launching, along with my small team of four dedicated friends, a campaign on where I ask you all to wholeheartedly show your support in order to see my new project reach it’s goal. I cannot do this without you but I am here because I have met so many of you all over this world while touring and have come to discover that I am as important a part of your lives as you are of mine. To show your support in this way will enable me not only to become completely independent as an artist, but it would mean that you are intimately part of my music making process and not just a consumer buying an object in a store.

This is the future for all of us who are lovers of music. We must support the arts because art is not only the greatest legacy we share, but it is also the most divine aspect of our shared humanity. Without art, we are all doomed and the world would be a place not worth living in for even a moment.

With great humility, I thank you all for taking the time to read this long personal message. As I stand before this precipice from which I am about to take a huge blind leap, I do so knowing that many of you will be there to receive me with open and encouraging arms. I thank you all for your support over the many years and I look forward to sharing much more music with you in the hopeful future we all share.

With love